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Let's round me up, who am I? Mum, Wife, Creative, Business Owner, Mentor & Motivator.

Hi! I'm Priscilla Skippington and a woman known for creating brands, building businesses, motivating and inspiring others to create their very best selves and lifestyles.

Finalist for AusMumpreneur "Big Idea" Award 2018, Presenter, Educator and Creative Business Coach, my life's work is to help other women to find their "perfect" whatever that may look and/or feel like for them!

Having come from a background in Graphic Design I value the importance of "beauty" and "branding". Teaching women to first establish who they are, how that is going to look and then how to monetise it.

I have been fortunate enough over the last 3 years to have established a number of businesses (some more successful than others) and can acknowledge both my successes and failures. I'm now helping to guide women on the same (more successful) path using the power of online, social media, branding and selling!

You may also know me as the face behind LOVE BEAUTY Co, my online beauty boutique or LOVE BEAUTY Gang, a community of women creating leveraged income and living life on their terms.

Here are some FAQ's about me and my business:

What did I do before LOVE BEAUTY Co:

I was a Graphic Designer for 8 years. Starting my career with a Mining Engineering Firm, working my way up into Marketing Coordinator and overseeing national and international design/marketing and branding projects. Then working in the fashion and accessories industries as graphic designer & creative direction. Working on everything from photo shoots, campaigns, websites, social media and VM'ing stores. I directed an online fashion boutique and finally went out and started my own Creative Agency in 2016.

Why did you choose the beauty industry?

Funnily enough this was never my intention. I always thought I would end up down the fashion route. However after having my son Digby I realised I needed more freedom and flexibility in my day to day, this was something not at all possible when running a creative agency. It was very "time for money" and without the constant hustle and long hours behind the computer I was not covering my bills. So when a friend on social media approached me about a new business she was exploring I was open to chatting. From there I started selling beauty and skincare products online and teaching others how to do it. It was fun, exciting and I could design it on my time and on my terms.

What is Creative Business Coaching?

This is a term I crafted up to try and explain what it is I do with women. It describes the process I run through, helping establish their brand, who they are and what this looks like (graphic design is usually involved). Then helping establish what business they want to create, how that is going to look and then how to monetise it. Using all of my business, creative and network marketing skills combined. What I do is unique and this was the best way I could sum it up. What do you think?

How do I become part of the LOVE BEAUTY Gang?

The LOVE BEAUTY Gang is a community of like-minded, driven women all wanting to create a life on their terms. We are a supportive community helping you to design a life working online, from your phone, laptop and anywhere in the world. Work around family, children, from a coffee shop or on a plane. The opportunities are endless as long as you have an open mind and are willing to grow personally.

It's simple (I have ALL the strategies to make it work for you), free (that's right, completely free!!) and best of all you are mentored by me and a number of other amazing leaders who have all done it before you.

Try products, promote products, share with your friends & family and have an international business all from your finger tips!

Sound good? You can ask more over on our "The Gang" Page. Thank you for dropping by and having a read. I'm so thankful you are here! If you would like to continue to follow my journey please click the following links: Instagram @priscillaskippington & Facebook @priscillaskippingtonofficial I look forward to having you part of the Priscilla Skippington community.

In love & passion,

Priscilla xx

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