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Social Media Schedualling For Beginners Wanting to Get Organised

So you've started a business? You are on social media and feeling a little overwhelmed with the amount of social media content you have to do and create? YES, well welcome to the crew! Social Media is a free/low cost, fantastic tool to market your business. It is predominately how I have grown all of my businesses over the years. However like most of you, I too feel the social media pressures and overwhelm from time to time. Personally, the best way I have found to beat this feeling is to be organised! Over the years there have been a number of schedualling platforms available for social media. When I used to run Branding Workshops for small business owners I would often talk about Hootsuite and Buffer being my go to. These are still great tools however can be costly and there have been roomers around Facebook not supporting scheduled posts from these platforms as well. So below are my now go-to's for social scheduling. Not all are free BUT they are easy to get up and running and will help to take that day-to-day pressure of 'what to post today' off your mind. Take a look around the below, do the free trails and see what's the best fit for you.


I use Plann for 3 of my Instagram accounts. Its visually great and easy to use. Simply upload all of your images into the App, pre-write your content, save it, schedule it and away you go. There is also an area to save all of your hashtags. The platform does not yet post for you however it will alert you when it is time for your scheduled posts to be posted.

Basic Plan is free for one account. There is then monthly plan's starting from $15 for additional accounts. They also have a desktop version so you are able to use your laptop to upload, create content and schedule as well.


Another Instagram scheduling tool which I use for one of my accounts is Planoly. Very similar to PLANN however a little more 'pretty'. I have only been using this App for a short time but from what I can see it's working well with much the same capabilities as PLANN. The basic plan with one account is free however a daily limit of 10 image uploads is enforced. Which can sometimes be a little frustrating if you want to get a bulk scheduling done. Desktop version is also available and I do like the 'Stories' area. Here you can upload stories and you can even create your stories in here with pre-made layouts that are very nice! See below.

Also, they have great email marketing. Very good info and articles to help you create better content for your audience.

3. Later

Later is another great schedualling option for Instagram. Much more sophisticated and great for bigger businesses. Later is also able to schedule to your other platforms, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter etc for you.

There is an option to create and schedule Instagram Stories like Planoly however it is an additional charge.

Basic Free plan is available for 1 account with up to 30 posts/uploads. From here there are monthly options for multiple accounts starting from $9.

4. Facebook Schedualling

So if you are wanting to save some cash (because we know small business owners don't make tons of money) then a great way to schedule without needing another platform for Facebook is using 'Facebook Schedualling'. This is available FREE for everyone who has a Facebook Page and/or Group. The only place you cannot schedule is on your Profile or Stories.

This is what I tend to do for all of my Facebook Pages and Groups. Instead of hitting "SHARE NOW" there will be able option to Share Now > Schedule. Pick the time and day and it will be added to your schedualling pile.

Advantage of also creating within Facebook is you know it is going to be more favoured by Facebook as you are using there actual platform to create content.

As mentioned there are many, many apps and platforms on the market now which are helping you to become organised with social media. These are simply my picks and the one's I believe are easiest to use right now. Would love to hear your feedback on what works for you and if this relieves some of the social pressure? Until next time, take care, Priscilla xx

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