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Ending the year with a BANG

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Hello! Hello! And Merry Christmas!

Guess what, I'm back! And just in time to see the year out!

You may have seen 11 weeks ago I gave birth to my latest addition - Fletcher Jude Skippington. He has been a handful but my goodness I am in love. He is such a delight and blessing for our little family.

I was originally going to take until February off, enjoy the newborn period but you know me, I can't help myself and I'm jumping back in with both feet! So just before Christmas and the New Year I wanted to pop in and say HI and that I am back ready and raring for an exciting 2020 BUT not before I give a little recap on what has been a full, challenging, exhausting and exciting 2019 for me.

Let's recap on the year that was...

2019, I started the year with a BANG! Attending a business leaders summit on the Gold Coast with incredible business leaders from around Australia. It was a two day conference and it blew my mind! The people I met and the ideas I walked away with were priceless. To add to this excitement, the day I was coming home from the summit, Geoff and I were moving into our brand new house! OMG talk about a busy way to start the year (this was literally all within the first 12 days of January). Moving was great (Geoff did an amazing job) but I found myself struck with a little bit of scary “change” syndrome. I had moved out to the sticks (well not really but that was what I was telling myself) from the city and was struggling with the adjustment. I was conflicted in my emotions as I LOVED the house but the location was killing me! I was feeling a little secluded and lost.

THEN to add to all of this change, GUESS WHAT, I was pregnant! Literally the day after my birthday (7th February) I found out, YEP, I was having another baby and this was NOT planned!

So to say the start to my the year was full was an understatement! The first trimester of my pregnancy was tough! I was very sick and struggled to get out of the house. It was compounded also by the fact I was running around after a toddler. On top of this I was trying to keep up appearances with my businesses and work where I could. Thankfully second trimester rolled around, I started to feel a lot better within myself and the house started to grow on me! With all of this change in a short amount of time my businesses seem to be the last of my worries. Luckily Love Beauty Co and Love Beauty Gang seemed to mange themselves and I completely took my foot off the pedal (hid away) from any design work. During this time I was fortunate enough to find some new local business friends and business networking groups in my area, I really think this was my saviour! Getting out, meeting people of the same mindset really got me into good spirits and reminded me why I do what I do. With this came the birth of "Priscilla Skippington" something I had wanted to launch for sometime but didn't know how to fit it in. What I figured out by meeting and engaging with new people was that others come to work with me, buy from me, shop from my store because of ME. People needed to know the real me, discover that it's not all rainbows and butterflies but also that I have a ton of knowledge to share about how to build a brand and a business! I am more than just a graphic designer or beauty boutique owner. All of this set me up for a great second half of the year!

Launching, blogging and creating content for Priscilla Skippington. Creating a feed for Love Beauty Gang and sharing with the world how I was helping people like myself to build businesses of their own from home. And of course, giving birth to Fletcher!

This year has felt like its gone quicker than any before. I have blinked and it's almost over!

Now I am enjoying the little bit of downtime until the end of the year and super excited for a BIG 2020. Next year I will be brining back Sisters Stepping Up, re-branding/relaunching P A Creative and continuing to give and share my business and branding knowledge with all of you!

Thank you to everyone who has followed my journey, read my blogs or shopped from my stores, I appreciate all of you! Until 2020, I hope you and your families have a very Merry Christmas and a safe New Years! I look forward to seeing you in the new year!

Priscilla xx

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