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5 Key Learnings from Business Coaches over the years.

In the last 3 years it would be safe to say I have reinvested $20,000+ in Personal Development and Business Coaching. I am someone that loves to learn and learn from the best! I have worked with various coaches all specialising in different area's of business but there are 5 key areas they all touch on.

To save you the $20,000+ and countless hours and years, here are the 5 key area's that tend to come up from every coach I have worked with. Now some of these seem simple (I KNOW) but the truth is, it's not hard, the hardest part is the consistency and implementation, which sorry, is all on you!

1. Understanding your Values

So most of us know what we stand for, that is until we step into business. The drivers behind our 'why' sometimes become more complex when we are faced with the many obstacles that business can throw at us! One thing I have learnt is to understand your 'driver'. What are the core values that you stand for and push you forward?

As said by Scott Jeffery, "People seem to experience greater fulfilment when they live by their values."

Why are they so important? Values are a part of us. They highlight what we stand for. They can represent our unique, individual essence. Values guide our behaviour, providing us with a personal code of conduct. When we honour our personal core values consistently, we experience fulfilment. When we don’t, we are incongruent and are more likely to escape into bad habits and regress into childish behaviour to uplift ourselves.

So understanding your values are vital to building a business, you will not build it, nor will it succeed without you knowing why you are wanting to achieve it! Personal development always comes before business development!

Here's a list of some Core Values to get your creative juices flowing. Then take 10-15 minutes to work on your own! Most of us know them we have just never put them on paper before! 5 - 10 values are usually enough to light our fire and get us moving in the right direction!

2. Focus

We all hear this one a lot, and reason is because it makes a difference!

Personally I have struggled with "bright shiny object syndrome" all of my life, including in business. I am a creative with so many ideas (daily) it can be hard to be disciplined and focussed. What I have noticed though, is when I do choose to focus WOW great things happen.

So saying FOCUS is all well and good but what should we actually be focussing on? Here are the key area's I have found to propel my business forward:

  1. Daily Tasks - What SMALL daily tasks are you doing that are moving you closer to your 1 Year, 5 Year and 10 Year goals? These daily tasks are usually customer follow ups, asking for referrals, new client meetings, sales, conversions, email list building. Anything that actually brings in the bacon!

  2. Get clear on which business you want to grow - If you are like me (bright shiny object person) then you probably have a few businesses or legs to your business. It's important to get clear on which business or business angle you want to FOCUS on and give it at least 3 months. Whichever you focus on is what's going to grow. This does not mean you have to get rid of the other businesses/legs, it just means spend more time in the area you wish to grow MORE of. We all have one area that lights us up more than the others, focus on that one!

  3. Commit - Again another nasty lesson I have had to learn through business. Once you make a decision to move forward with something, commit to it! This does not mean while it works, 2 weeks, 3 months, it means for as long as you want it to work for! In the early days of any business YOU are the driver. YOU need to be committed to your efforts and see it out. Business does not happen over night!

3. Have A Clear Sales Funnel

Do you have a sales funnel? What is a sales funnel?

A Sales Funnel is key to any successful business because it gives YOU the owner a clear direction/pathway as well as your customer.

For instance:

The top of your funnel may be an event that you host or attend on a regular basic. This is the widest point of your funnel and where the most numbers will come through. It may also be online through Facebook Advertising for example where you are reaching the most amount of people very quickly.

You then need a call to action OR next step for this prospect to take, eg. A Freebie downloadable PDF, a workshop, a training course etc to get them "into" your funnel.

Then from here you may have a sign up option for a Masterclass or a One-on-One Session with you. THEN finally your end goal! What do you want them to do/be part of? This is usually then end of your funnel and therefore the BIG bucks!

Each step of the funnel you need to be giving value so each prospect has more reason to partake in the next step. Also each step of the funnel needs to feel "satisfying" for the prospect so if they choose not to go any further down your funnel they have still got what they needed and will continue to follow you because they see/have felt the value you provide.

Here are some examples of great online Sales Funnels >> https://www.autogrow.co/best-sales-funnel-examples/

4-5 steps is usually more than enough. Don't over complicate the process. Less is more ALWAYS!

4. Add Value

As well as selling your goods or getting people to sign up to what you do, it's important to add value to everyone in your network.

Like it or not, humans operate mostly in "what's in it for me". If there is nothing of value then there is NO reason for your prospect to like or follow you. As mentioned briefly in the last point sometimes this can be part of your funnel process, offering freebies to help encourage people to stay connected and want more from you.

But it can also mean simply sharing tips, knowledge, advice, motivation, inspiration or anything that brightens and enhances their day!

On social media especially Inspirational Quotes have played a MASSIVE part in growing many networks. I can't count the amount of people who have personally reached out and THANKED me for inspiring them or giving them the push they needed simply by sharing positive motivational quotes or sayings. It's incredible how much impact you can have on someone's day!

So when creating content, a blog, social media post or article think about how can I add value, inspire and motivate my audience. It makes a HUGE difference and puts you in the mind of other's as a thought leader or someone of significance.

5. Network Baby!

So this is the MOST important point (hope you've stayed on to read this one)! Social media and online platforms are fabulous, free ways to grow your network but NOTHING is better than building relationships in person.

I had someone only yesterday say to me "I know I’ve said it before, but you are honestly the most well connected lady I know in Brisbane".

Why? Because I have networked the hell out of Brisbane! I have ran multiple events, ran workshops, masterclasses and attended SO many events. People have been able to get to know me as an actual person not just the face on their screens. People are more likely to want to work with you and do business with you if they trust you. Networking is the BEST way to build relationships and trust with your potential audience.

So get out there, build relationships, meet up in person and attend events, even hold them if you can! Be seen as a leader and someone who's not afraid to put themselves out there. Sure it's scary but it's only scary the first time you do it!

Want to know more of what I've learnt over the years from coaches? Book in a time to chat! I am coaching women in business all over Australia from all industries, teaching them exactly what I know, have learnt and continue to implement into my businesses everyday! It's a free consultation so you literally have nothing to loose!


Until then,

Priscilla xx

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