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3 Steps to Creating your own Colour Pallet

Updated: May 8, 2019

As most of you would know, creating a colour pallet is one of the most important elements when establishing your brand. Having a pallet of 6-8 colours that you use time and time again throughout all of your collateral, brand images, social media and website will ensure a consistent, cohesive brand your customers will instantly recognise. Below are some questions to ask yourself as well examples of brands I think do this very wel

Step 1 – What feeling do you want to create?

Who are you appealing to and what do your colours need to make them feel?

Colour Psychology plays a large role in how designers and marketers choose colour pallets. How a client “feels” is the most important aspect to creating a brand. Do you want them to feel happy, safe, calm or eager? Establishing what you want your customer to feel will help you to determine just want colours you will need to use.

Here are some great big name examples:

Hotels Combined (love their TV ads!!) – Trust and community – Blue and White. Blue is a fantastic colour to use if you don’t know what colour to pick. It is the most liked colour by both men and women and is easily digestible. It always conveys trust, which is so important for an online platform with little customer interaction. Their audience needs them to trust them without any real person interaction. Blue really helps with this.

Coles Car Insurance (Little Red Car) – The red creates a sense of urgency. You need their product and you need it now. Red can be a hard colour to pull off but softening with white and a rounded font will help.

Oz Harvest – Yellow, the friendliest colour around. If you want to create a brand that makes other smile, yellow is your colour. It is uplifting and warming and often used with charities and foundations for this reason.

Step 2 – Find some inspiration

What are you drawn to and why do you think that is?

It’s time to do some searching online for ideas and colours that you like. I personally love to open up Pinterest, create a secret board called “Colour Inspo” and start adding. Type into the Pinterest search bar any words that resonate with your brand and see what comes up. When you see an image that jumps out at you save it to your secret board.

(Check out the 'Branding Love' board I have created over on my LOVE BEAUTY Co Pinterest Account)

Once you have a large number of images saved (30 – 40) it is time to find the colours that pop up time and time again. You may notice you have 10 images with a nude tone or background and 10 with a dusty pink, then these 2 colours become your “primary colours” to work with.

Step 3 – Complete your Pallet

A great online tool that is free for anyone to use is called Kuler (https://color.adobe.com/explore). As a designer I use this tool every day for clients. It is amazing the number of pre-built colour pallets you can find.

I suggest typing one of your “common” colours from the previous step into the Kuler search bar. See what comes up. For instance, I typed “Dusty Pink” into the search and here are a few that showed up.

You can now click on any of these pre-made pallets and change, edit or copy and save the colours you like. This will save you hours.

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Until next time,

Priscilla xx

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